Becoming a Leader

Jul 08, 2016 | by User Not Found

How do you become a leader?  “Be the best that you can be!” said the Army tagline from a 1970’s TV commercial.  “Build it and they will come” were the inspiring words from the movie, Field of Dreams.  “What’s the point of living average” said Rocky Balboa in the movie, Rocky.  Beautiful words and all so true, but becoming a leader takes more than that; it takes innovation, strategy, quality, trial and error, perseverance, and a whole lot of listening to what people want.  

Browning, Remington, and Winchester; none of them got to the top by overlooking their customers.  They listened, they watched, they learned and then they built what the people wanted.  That’s what Boyds is doing in the gunstock industry; we’re listening to everything you say to us.  Yeah, we hear you.  We read your complaints.  We know where our weaknesses are.  And we are changing, making improvements, getting better every day at what we do.  That’s why we are the leaders in the gunstock industry; because we listen.

Take a look at our web site Home Page, and you’ll see a special button that says “Product Request Form.”  This is the place where you, our valued customers, can tell us what you want us to build for you.  “Hey, Boyds, build me a gunstock for my Winchester model 100 semi-auto rifle.” We sort and categorize these requests.  Then we put several of our engineers on designing a gunstock for the gun models that get the most requests.  Of course that’s not always the case.  Sometimes, we choose a brand and model that few people have heard of.  This gives us the advantage of being able to provide the largest selection of stocks on the planet.  We just LOVE offering stocks to our customers that our competitors just can’t (and, trust me, we have thousands that our competitors don’t have).  Go ahead and compare us to our competitors, and you will quickly see that nobody can match us in price, delivery time, quality or selection.  That’s why we’re the leaders in the gunstock business.

I find it very interesting that there are, literally, hundreds upon hundreds of firearms manufacturers across the globe, but there exist only a handful of gunstock manufacturers.  Why is that, you wonder?  Because building a gunstock to fit a barreled action isn’t easy; if it were, there’d be a gunstock manufacturer on every corner.  And out of that handful of gunstock manufacturers, only one stands out as the clear-cut leader; Boyds.  Skilled hands, skilled management, attention to detail, and lots of innovation from dedicated professionals who truly love what they do, has put Boyds Gunstocks on top. 

No matter what industry you look at, no matter what category you choose you will always find one company that is the leader in that group, a cut above the rest.  A lot goes into becoming a leader:  Quality, price, execution, delivery, service, and innovation.  But listening tops them all.  We hear you.  We are improving, innovating, and making the changes we need to make to better serve you - our customer.  You are the ones keeping us in business.  Keep talking to us!  And watch us as we continue to grow and bring you new products and innovations! 



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