Build It To Fit and They Will Come

Jun 17, 2016 | by User Not Found
Women in the hunting and shooting sports used to be a rarity even as recent as 25 years ago (sad, but true).  My daughter was one of only two girls amongst 30 boys in her gun training class.  As recent as 15 years ago you’d never see a pink rifle stock, let alone camo clothing designed specifically for women.  Now, of course, all that has changed; thank God.  And it’s about time!

The hunting and shooting sports are welcoming female participants like never before!  Just in the last 10-or-so years, the fastest-growing segment of the hunting and shooting sports has been the female segment with a whopping 50% growth!  The NRA reports that it now has 8,000 female firearms instructors – which is an increase of 84% in the last five years.  That’s growth on an incredible scale!  And manufacturers are cashing in on this growth trend by marketing to women with products intended just for them.  From camo clothing designed specifically for women, to guns built in “youth” sizes for the younger segment, and everything in between. 

The shooting sports have finally evolved into the family sport that can be shared by all, young and old, male and female.  And this is a very good thing.  At an outdoor shooting range I watched as two motorhomes pulled in and a family from each piled out in full shooting gear.  It was great to see.  I attended the recent NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky, and it was so good to see entire families drop into our booth to inquire about our length-of-pull options that allow each family member to get a gunstock that fits them specifically.

Boyds Gunstocks has always been family-minded when it came to the shooting sports.  We make colored laminate stocks that will knock your socks off.  We make one in a nice pink color that we call Blackjack, and it has become very popular!  One custom option that people seem to miss that Boyds provides is the custom length of pull option.  Female shooters and young shooters aren’t built the same as adult male shooters; yet, most gunstocks put on guns at the factory are designed with a “standard” length of pull measurement – it’s supposed to fit the average male.  The problem with that is, who’s average anymore?  

It’s important to have a gun that fits you.  And since women and youth come in all different sizes, Boyds made sure that we provided gunstocks that fit shooters properly; and we did that by offering our affordable Length-of-Pull custom option.  A gun that fits properly will shoot better for you and give you a better chance of success than one that fits poorly.

The influx of women into the hunting and shooting sports has been strong.  And we at Boyds are happy to have been even a small part of this growth by being able to offer a custom length-of-pull option so that ladies everywhere can custom-design a Boyds gunstock that fits them properly.  As Randy Boyd would say, “Build it to fit, and they will come.”  Happy shooting, ladies!

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