NRA Show Brings Out The Best People

Jun 02, 2016 | by User Not Found

I stood in the Boyds Gunstocks booth at the NRA Show in Louisville, Kentucky two weeks ago and watched thousands of people pour through the doors in a constant stream that first day.  And what wonderful people they were, too!  Being the marketing director at Boyds Gunstocks, I enjoyed myself tremendously, talking with many of you folks as you streamed into our booth to ask questions and learn about our products.  What a great time it was!

If you’ve never been to an NRA Show, you’ll have to take a few days off work some day and go.  It is an incredible event.  First, imagine 9 acres of guns and gear, all in one place.  It’s a dream come true for us firearms enthusiasts!  Now imagine being able to touch and hold every single item at the show.  Yes, you get to play with the products!  Awesome!  Now, imagine your favorite manufacturers standing there, eager to answer all your questions.  And don’t be surprised if you end up talking with one of the engineers who designed one of those products.

Yes, the NRA Show is a place where you can rub elbows with the bigwigs of those companies, and even share your opinion.  Believe it or not, your voice really does matter – and those manufacturers are there to listen, to hear what you have to say.  After all, they’re making that product for you – because you requested it.  There’s nothing more a manufacturer wants to hear than what it is you want to buy from them – because, of course, that’s what they want to sell to you; what you want! 

You meet the best people at these shows; and, they’re often from all over the world!  I had guys from New Zealand, Japan, the Ukraine, and Italy stop by our booth.  I had several people come up to me and complain about the plastic stocks that several manufacturers are putting on their guns.  “The guns are great, but those plastic stocks really suck,” said one gentleman who built 13 custom guns and put Boyds Gunstocks on every single one of them.  I asked him if he had ever tried any other wood gunstock manufacturer’s products, and he said he had, but that they just couldn’t compare to Boyds in value, selection, and quality.

I had another guy tell me that he always upgrades all his guns with a Boyds stock.  When I asked him why, he said, “Accuracy.  Boyds stocks have boosted my accuracy 20%.”   

I had a woman come up to me and tell me that she upgraded her plastic stock with a Boyds laminated thumbhole because of the beautiful color and how comfortable the thumbhole stock felt in her hand, but then said she noticed that she can now outshoot her husband.  I looked at her husband when she said this, and saw him turn red and shake his head yes. 

I really enjoy being at the NRA Show and interacting with all the wonderful people – people like you; honest, hard-working people like you who make up the backbone of America.  That’s what American is all about, isn’t it?  People?  And, like our Constitution starts, “We, the People”…you are the voice of this nation.  And I thank you for coming into the Boyds Gunstocks booth and sharing your thoughts, your wants, your desires with us.  We listen.  We want to give you the best that we can offer.

I truly hope that I get a chance to see you at next year’s NRA Show – it’s in Atlanta, Georgia.  If you’ve never been to an NRA Show, you really must go – even if just once in your life.  It’s an experience you will never forget.





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