I Wonder What Would Happen…

May 26, 2016 | by User Not Found

1.  …if I was on a ruffed grouse hunt in the north woods of Minnesota, and tripped on a deadfall that caused me to go down like a ton of bricks, smacking the plastic stock of my shotgun squarely on a big, sharp rock, would that plastic stock crack, break, or shatter, and ruin the entire hunt?    

2.  …if I was hunting squirrels in the oak forests of central part of Minnesota; and tried to quietly pick my way through a thick patch of thorns that then noisily scraped and scratched on the plastic stock of my 10/22 like fingernails on a chalkboard; and, would that noise scatter those squirrels so quickly that I may as well go home and call it a day? 

3.  …if, while getting to my favorite duck hunting spot early one fall morning, I ducked through a barbed-wire fence and took a big gouge out of the plastic stock on my shotgun.  Would I be able to repair that plastic and make it look as good as new again?

4.  …if I was stalking a buck on a deer hunt in the northern white pine forests of Minnesota, and took a shot at 200 yards, would that plastic be rigid enough to give me the confidence to make a clean kill on a head shot. 

I can answer each of those scenarios without having to use too much imagination: 

1.  The plastic stock would probably crack.  Then every shot I’d take would sting my hand just like a cracked bat on a baseball.  

2.  The plastic stock would make so much noise, that I wouldn’t see deer the rest of the day. 

3.  The plastic stock would not be repairable; and it would look even uglier. 

4.  The plastic stock would move so much from recoil, that I’d never be confident in it making 200-yard killing head shots.

In each of these situations, I think my hunt would be ruined.  So, really, why chance a ruined hunt by using a plastic stock?  I only have so many hunts in me before I won’t be able to hunt anymore.  So I’m not going to put any more risk of failure into my hunts by adding stupid, unreliable plastic to my guns.  I want something I can rely on…a hardwood gunstock.  Don’t you? 


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