Boyds Gunstocks bids farewell and a very “Happy Retirement” to two of its valued employees: Dennis & Mary Sumners.

Apr 19, 2016 | by User Not Found

With 18 years of dedicated service to Boyds Gunstocks behind them, Dennis and Mary have ridden off into the sunset to the land of well-deserved retirement.  “We will miss both of them very much,” said Randy Boyd, as he described how Dennis and Mary came to be employed at Boyds Gunstocks 18 years earlier.

Randy met Dennis at a public auction of gunstock machining equipment when the Reinhart Fajens Company closed its doors.  Randy ran into Dennis at the auction.  The two men got to talking – Dennis was an experienced gunstock maker, and Randy owned Boyds Gunstocks – so they quickly formed a strong friendship.  Soon after, Dennis and Mary both went to work for Randy Boyd, and so Dennis and Mary moved from Warsaw, Missouri to Mitchell, South Dakota to start a new chapter in their life at Boyds Gunstocks.

“Dennis was an engineer who knew how to sculpt wood perfectly,” said Randy Boyd.  “I’d draw the type of stock that I wanted, and Dennis would take my two-dimensional drawing and turn it into a 3-D piece of art.”   Mary had a keen eye for detail, and so she worked several positions in production and assembly, making sure that each stock was finished to perfection before getting shipped out. 

While Randy concentrated on new designs and volume production, Dennis concentrated on the shaping and inletting processes and making sure the stocks met exacting tolerances.

They made the perfect team.

Over the years, Dennis and Mary passed on their secrets, their talents, and their hard-won skills to all of the other engineers employed at Boyds, thereby ensuring that there will always be a part of the incredible talents of Dennis and Mary built into each and every Boyds Gunstock that goes to find a new home.

We thank you, Dennis and Mary, for your 18 years of dedication, your talents, your skills, but most of all, your friendship.  We will miss you.

God Bless!

Randy & Sheila Boyd, and the entire team at Boyds Gunstocks

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