How to Hunt the Rut: 4 Tips to Put You In Front of a Big Buck

Dec 28, 2015 | by User Not Found

The rut is a special time of year for those of us who enjoy spending time in the woods chasing whitetail deer. Our media partners at Turkey Hill Outdoors have put together a few tips in this video to help you maximize your time in the woods.

In most areas, we’re coming up on the second rut. The second rut is a period of a few weeks about 28 days after the first rut, where the does that were missed during the first rut come back into heat. Big bucks are up on their feet, chasing these does. This can be a great time of year to finish out your season by taking a nice deer. Depending on your state, black powder and archery tags can usually be filled through December and in some cases, into January. 

Hunt all day. One of the first things to do to increase your chances of seeing a nice buck is to sit in the woods all day if you can. The bucks are going to be up on their feet chasing does all day. The longer you’re sitting in the woods, the better your chances will be. 

Hunt scrapes and rubs. This time of year you can’t ignore scrapes and rubs. Bucks are constantly checking them and traveling through those areas. Putting yourself near a fresh scrape or rub will increase your chances of seeing a worthy whitetail.

Calling. During the rut, the bucks are going to be the most responsive to your grunt and rattle calls. Don’t be afraid to use them aggressively and frequently. If a big buck is in your neighborhood, chances are good that you will be able to draw him in.

Follow the does. The bucks are not going to be far behind the does this time of year. They’re chasing. Follow your does. If you can stay in front of the does, your chances of seeing a nice buck will be good.



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