“How To” and “Why You Would” Glass Bed Your Rifle - by Randy Boyd

Mar 05, 2015 | by User Not Found
When you fire your rifle, an upward motion of the barrel is created which causes a pulling action on the stock. Dependent on the caliber, this can be quite violent. If your action isn’t bedded firmly into the stock, this movement can create the opportunity for your barrel and stock to collide, changing the point of impact on your shot. Boyds stocks are meticulously engineered and machined from the most stable materials to maintain a free floated barrel to reduce the opportunity for collision between the barrel and stock. However, in some cases it’s recommended to bed your action. First would be in heavy magnums or firearms with excessive recoil. Even though we install reinforcing cross bolts in all our stocks, bedding your action on these firearms is added safety, and highly recommended. Another case is this firearm, out of the box, this stock and firearm consistently shot under a 1” group at 100 yds., however, I want to improve on this, so to do so, glass bedding the stock will all but eliminate the movement you’re seeing when the action isn’t bolted into the stock.



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  1. | Mar 10, 2015

    Hi Tom,

    For some of the best information on TC Contenders take a look at Mike Bellm's pages at www.bellmtcs.com/store/ 

    I have a TC contender with a custom made 25/20 barrel from the old custom shop.  It never would shoot very well until I did what Mike recommend on his web site.  It took a new over sized hinge pin and I also free floated the forearm.  It took my gun from being a poor gun to a very good rifle now.  Check it out! 


  2. Bill Dunlop | Mar 06, 2015

    I cant find the free floating how to video.

    I bedded your stock in my 223 SS varmint LW but had quite a time accomplishing the perfect free float.

    Like to see video for next one.

    My Thompson 338 single would be nice with a thumb hole stock.

  3. Thomas S. Brock | Mar 06, 2015

    Do you have any information concerning glass bedding a TC Contender rifle?  Is forearm more critical than butt stock?

    Thank you.

    Tom Brock

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