Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Extreme Weather Test vs Plastic & Carbon Fiber

Jan 29, 2015 | by User Not Found
How do extreme weather conditions like sub-zero temperatures affect gunstocks? Randy Boyd subjects three replacement gunstocks to the test: a Boyds Hardwood Gunstock, a thermoplastic gunstock, and a gunstock with carbon fiber laid up through the barrel channel. Boyds’ video series “The Naked Truth” takes a look at what happens after just one night in the elements of a South Dakota winter.



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  1. DKnutson | Jan 30, 2015


    On the top right hand side of this webpage you will see a small red and white YouTube logo. Click that and it will take you to our YouTube channel. That channel is a library of our videos where we explain about our product as well as put it through real-world testing.

    One of the videos we made shows the recoil reduction that is gained from a wood stock.


  2. Michael Cudmore | Jan 29, 2015
    I have a Tikka in .338 Federal. It has a composite stock . it is very light weight and kicks like a mule. If I put a wood stock on it would that help and what is made to help with the recoil.  Thanks. Mike Cudmore

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