What's the Naked Truth?

Oct 28, 2014 | by User Not Found

What’s the Naked Truth?

The Naked Truth is not the feeling of remorse and gluttony you get the first time you look in the mirror with your shirt off after Thanksgiving dinner. The Naked Truth is the fact that gunstocks are critical to a gun’s performance.

Many people never consider that over 50% of a rifle is the gunstock.  Sometimes they don’t realize just how important gunstocks are and that replacing a gunstock can significantly improve their shooting performance.

The word “Naked” refers to a naked gun. Nobody shoots a “Naked” gun or a gun without a gunstock. You would have no control of your gun, the recoil would be terrible, and the result would probably be a black eye or a broken nose.

While the result of using a synthetic or plastic stock is nothing like what the result of shooting a “Naked” gun would be, the Naked Truth is that you can greatly improve your firearm’s performance by upgrading to a hardwood gunstock. 

Our hardwood gunstocks are ergonomically designed to fit a shooter’s body properly. They provide greater control, reduced recoil and a natural sighting plane for greater accuracy. Our Naked Truth campaign is a multi-media outreach program to educate the world about the benefits of upgrading your firearm to a high quality, durable hardwood gunstock.

At this point, you may have seen some of our ads promoting these benefits. We have also released several new videos on our YouTube channel that visually demonstrate the benefits of hardwood gunstocks. You can see firsthand how gun movement and recoil are reduced, allowing you to shoot more accurately. Which one (or more) of your guns could use an upgrade? Wouldn’t you like to shoot even better?





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  1. Charles | Jan 28, 2015

    I put one of your thumbhole stocks (in applejack) on my Remington 700 2 years ago and it still looks the same as the day I bought it. The stock fit great and looks awesome. Every time I pull the gun out people comment on the stock. The stock is a perfect fit for shooting and the line of sight is exact. repeatability and grouping is not an issue since recoil is minimal and the stock is very stout. I am currently building a varmint gun and it will be getting a Boyd's stock.

  2. Missing user | Dec 19, 2014


    If you have a gun that we do not offer, please fill out our product request form found on the left hand side of the home page. This form is is used by our engineers to direct them to the guns that we will offer in the future. This group of people are adding guns every day. The more requests we get for an item, the higher on the list it goes.


  3. john eades | Dec 09, 2014
    just received one of your new stocks for my ruger 77/44 rifle. perfect fit and very attractive. very nice replacement to the factory plastic stock that it came with. your right 50% of the rifle is the stock, huge improvement. best regards, john
  4. John Sanford | Dec 05, 2014
    I enjoyed watching the videos. They were both interesting and informative. I believe that you should make a few changes. When you pick up a gun you should always check it to be sure that it is unloaded. When demonstrating how the stock fits, put your finger alongside the trigger guard, not in it. I have read many forums where purists maintain that the box that holds the bullets and is inserted into the gun is called a magazine. I am sorry to say that I have strayed from the woods, but will soon be returning via Boyds. 
  5. robert valeri | Nov 23, 2014


    Are you able to offer stocks to suit the Sabatti rover 600 short action model firearms?

    Kind regards


  6. Doug | Nov 21, 2014
    I finally got my Lee Enfield stock.  Delivery a little slow, but worth the wait.  Fitting took about half an hour.  The gun looks great and shoots sub-moa.  My daughter has claimed it for "her" deer gun.  I have three more projects and Boyds will supply all the stocks.  Thanks........

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