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Oct 27, 2014 | by User Not Found

To better serve our customers, we have launched a new website. One of the many new features we are excited to be able to incorporate is the new Boyds Blog.

The new Boyds Blog will share hunting and shooting tips, educational information about our craft of designing and manufacturing hardwood gunstocks, and exciting new product information.

To provide the greatest selection of hardwood gunstocks, we are constantly seeking input from our customers. We ask that you utilize our product request form and let us know what stocks you would like to see us make. The new stocks we make each day come directly from your input.

We also invite you to join our mailing list. Please see the 'Join Our Mailing List' form on the right hand side of the page. Here, you'll be the first to learn about our new products and promotions.

We appreciate your business and are excited to be able to better serve you with a new and improved website.

What kind of topics would you like to see covered in our upcoming blogs?



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  1. Missing user | Feb 27, 2015

    Re Davis,

    If we do not have what you are looking for, fill out the product request form (on the left hand side of the screen). This is what our engineers use to decide our next offering. This also allows you to be notified when we do release this product. 

  2. Re Davis | Feb 26, 2015

    I was looking for a couple of stocks for the Remington 597. The only stocks listed for a standard 20 " barrel are the SS revolution and the Barracuda. These are nice looking stocks but my "boss" wife would rather have one in the Rim-fire varmint thumbhole and I would like one in the Blazer configuration. Do you think you will be offering those choices for the 597 in the near future?

  3. Doug H. | Feb 03, 2015

    I'd like to see the Pro-Varmint style stocks built for Rem 700's,.. right and Left Handed, short and long actions and Pillar bed them !

    Today's Prone style Target Shooters and Hunters would gobble them up, IMO

    Also pictures should be available showing a front of, forend view (width and style ) like is it, Pear shaped or, flat, etc. !

    Thanks for considering this !!


  4. Missing user | Jan 15, 2015


    Currently we do not sell any pillars. Keep checking our website as we are adding new products daily.


  5. Michael Hixson | Jan 11, 2015
    Just ordered my second stock from Boyd's and I have a question....Do you sell stocks with aluminum pillars?
  6. Missing user | Dec 29, 2014


    Please contact our customer service department. They can help you correct this problem.


  7. John | Dec 25, 2014
    Yes customers hi res gallery would be brilliant. Better images of all products and descriptions of proposed use. Shipping costs for international. 
  8. Ron Tosti | Dec 23, 2014

    Looks like the new web site will be a winner. I ordered and received a thumbhole stock (order no. webo165581) for a Savage B-Mag and just got around to fitting the gun to it, it drops in nicely however after snugging the screws the barrel moves to the left causing it to touch the front of the stock fore end, the gap on the open side looks like .020 in and the left side is touching the wood. Also the safety is binding up (won't slide). Do you have any thoughts as to how I may fix these problems, and or what may be causing them.  Love the stock, suspect it just needs a little tweaking,         Stay Well      Ron    P/S Am a member of  The Varmint Hunters Asso. in S.D.


  9. DKnutson | Dec 19, 2014

    Thank you all for your comments that can improve our website.

    We will take them into consideration as we move forward!


  10. ujfalusi m.tamas | Dec 15, 2014
    are you able to make for k31 (schmidt rubin) Blaster or Varmint Thumbhole in the color forest camo?
  11. keith | Dec 05, 2014
    A gallery where customers can post photos of there firearms sporting boyds stocks would be a great addition to your website. Would make it easier to imagine how your own rifle might look with a certain stock or finish. 
  12. Josh Buckmaster | Nov 26, 2014


    I think that future customers would like to see the full stock in all available colors, rather than just a small patch. Personally this would be incredibly helpful to me as I am having a hard time deciding between the forest camo, shady camo and coyote patterns.

    I really like the new website as well!



  13. Joe Tuinstra | Nov 20, 2014

    Hi, can you have a picture of the oak leaf engraving in the panel section, as it's not pictured in the options, just that it's available.  Also, can you put the information of the stock like before so I don't order the wrong stock.  Like I want a Savage 111 with the side button detachable magazine, long action, to replace mine, and before the stocks would say NOT FOR THE SIDE BUTTON MAGAZINE RELEASE, and it would give the dimensions.  Thanks, and I can't wait to see the rest of the site when it's finished!!!  Also, I have noticed you have a 510 Remington and a 512, but no 511.  Why is that?  I have a 511 you can use.  Also, you have a model 34 Remington, but no model 33, when if you don't put the magazine tube cut in the stock, that is a model 33 stock.  Their are 2 types, I have both.  Thanks,


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